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  • Jazz Directions artists Marph + Zeida have come together to form a new production unit called Stone Detectives. They are working on beats for MC's as well as instrumental tracks. Check out the Jazz Directions artists and beats page to hear some of their recent works.

  • Founder of Jazz Directions Zeida has now re-located to Osaka, Japan to work on music, design, and promoting Jazz Directions.

  • Jazz Directions artists Stone Detectives are currently working with US based MC Novelty on his first release. They are working on putting together a 6 song demo EP. Stay tuned for more info on that!
  • Jazz Directions is a collective focused on bringing light to new forms of Jazz and Hip Hop music from around the world. It was founded in September 2005 by beatmaker/DJ Zeida with the goal of connecting like minded people through music and events.

    For more information on Zeida visit: www.djzeida.com