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ZEIDA/Stone Detectives - Osaka, Japan

Samuel Zipursky aka zeida is a beatmaker, DJ, visual designer, and founder of the Jazz Directions project. Travel, culture, people, cityscapes, and new sounds help guide zeida on his mission to search for and define a new sound in hip hop and jazz music.


MARPH/Stone Detectives - The Hague, Netherlands

When the young and talented visual artist/beatmaker Marph the Brown Dwarf isn't painting on a canvas he is creating soundscapes and honey loops that take listeners to the next level. Marph blends jazz, vocals, drums, and spaced out sounds to create laid back hip hop bangers.


FESTA - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands street poet and producer Festa brings together a special blend of technical knowledge from SAE and combines it with complex beats and rhymes. His productions bridge elements of old school hip hop with jazz and new broken beats.


IVAN ICE - Delft, Netherlands

Ivan Ice is a DJ/beatmaker influenced by classic soul, female vocals, and the 90's hip hop era. Ice has formal studio training from SAE in Holland and combines this knowledge with his heart to create classic tracks that get people moving.